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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2019

In a previous blog post, we talked about the relationship between countertops and backsplashes. It’s a partnership like no other when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. We’ve also talked extensively about different stones and materials you can use for your countertops. But what about the backsplashes? What kinds of material can you use to really make your space pop? Backsplashes are traditionally used to create a “splatter-free space,” but their practicality doesn’t mean that you can’t create a statement as well. Whether you have poor lighting, a small space, or any other design quandary, here is a list of kitchen backsplash ideas for 2019 that will really make a splash in your kitchen! (Sorry – we had to say it!)

  1.       Pressed Tin

The name can be deceiving, therefore think about decorative tin. This style touts itself as being an easy DIY project.  

  1.      Ceramic Tile

You can find incredible decorative ceramic tile or opt for the classic black-and-white look. This backsplash is ideal for behind the oven/stove area, as ceramic tiles are super durable. If you want a European look, you could search for tiles that evoke the colors and textures of a certain region, such as these antique patterned tiles.

  1.       Pegboard

In the age of Buzzfeed’s Nifty and Marie Kondo’s tidy living, a pegboard backsplash, even in one area of your kitchen, could do wonders, especially if your kitchen is smaller than you’d prefer. This idea is great for apartments or even just cooks and bakers who love to display their favorite kitchen tools and utensils for easy access.

  1.       Mirrors

Talk about an optical illusion! This kitchen backsplash idea has been cited as a great way to make a small space feel much larger as well as brighten up a dimly lit kitchen.

  1.       Windows

Tired of washing the dishes while staring at the wall in front of you? Well, you could opt for windows as a backsplash, depending on the layout of your kitchen (and after you’ve verified with your local home inspector). Think about it: You could actually enjoy washing the dishes and cleaning if you got to daydream out the window! (This could be a good option for families with younger kids, so you can watch over them while also getting some cleaning done!)

  1.       Marble

We’ve told you everything you need to know about using marble as a countertop, but this natural material is also a great option for backsplashes. The veining and coloring of marble make it an eye-catcher, and due to its ability to absorb heat but remain cool, it’s can work as a backsplash behind cooking ranges.

The best part about creating your ultimate kitchen backsplash is that the material and look are entirely up to you! You could go for a bronze, metallic look or creamy white, bright bursts of colors or mixing and matching the materials.

Some of these ideas will work better than others so it really just depends on where the backsplash is going in your kitchen. For example, if it’s to go behind your sink, then it’s best to opt for non-porous material, such as Corian or quartz.

If you need more inspiration or want to talk about your ideas with a professional, give our experts at MultiStone a call today!

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