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Many families argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home. If that’s the case, then having the perfect countertop is imperative. Whether you’re in need of a new kitchen countertop for a remodeling project or you’re creating your dream home, here are some ideas for picking a kitchen countertop!

3 Main Types of Kitchen Countertops

We offer three main types of countertops, and each of these provides their own unique look, texture, finish, and thickness, all of which can be customized to fit your kitchen’s needs.

Natural Stone

One of the biggest benefits of opting for natural stone is the inherent difference! No two stones are like, nor are even options from the same stone the same. Popular stones include granite, marble, quartzite (which is different from quartz), soapstone, limestone, and onyx.


MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Engineered Stone Countertops

Engineered Stone

Unlike natural stone, engineered options don’t require sealants and are mostly scratch-resistant. They’re also the perfect hybrid: the durability and beauty of natural stone with the flexibility of man-made materials.

MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Engineered Stone Countertops
MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Engineered Stone Countertops



If you’re looking for something more eco-friendly, try a recycled material for your kitchen countertop. These countertops are made from glass, concrete, or even seashells.

MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Eco Curava Countertops
Eco Curava Countertops

2018 Kitchen Counter Trends

Now that you know some of the big materials in the kitchen countertop world, let’s look at some of the 2018 trends and how you can relate them to your kitchen.



One of the big ways to play with the textures of your countertop is to vary the finishes. A polished finish is still popular, but other options include a honed finish (matte with little or no shine) or a leathered finish (which is popular with families with young children as it hides smudges and water spots easily).

MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Textured Matte Stone Countertop Trends
Matte Stone Countertop


Neutral Colors

As can be seen in most home shows on TV these days, neutral colors are “so in” when it comes to kitchens. The more popular colors are whites, grays, and tans. For homes with more natural light, try to stick with off-white, ashy grays, and neutral beige colors. To make your kitchen stand out, opt for these neutral-colored countertops that tie in other trendy features, such as textures or natural veining styles.

MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Neutral Granite Countertop Trends
Neutral Granite Countertop Trends


Playing with Black and White

This trend connects the countertops to the rest of the kitchen, even down to the appliances. The contrast between black and white is quite popular, so you could implement this trend by choosing a white or cream-colored countertop with darker cabinets (or vice versa).

MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Black and White Countertop Trends
Black and White Countertop Trends


Veining and Patterns

Many homeowners are opting for the natural veining and patterns that can be found in stones like granite and marble. Not only do they provide all the benefits of using natural stone, but they also give the countertop a beautifully interesting look! Another great way to get interesting patterns is to use recycled materials.

MultiStone Kitchen Countertops Veined Stone Countertop Trends
Veined Stone Countertop Trends

Getting Started

If you’re interested in implementing some 2018 trends into your kitchen or need some advice on kitchen countertops, give MultiStone a call. We’ve seen a lot of kitchen countertops in our over two decades of experience, so we can definitely help you pick out the perfect material and design for your home.

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