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Backsplashes And Countertops – The Ultimate Partnership

Backsplashes and Countertops

In the world of kitchens and construction, backsplashes and countertops are meant to be together. As you’ll learn, their partnership can be as unique as you make it.  

Backsplashes are meant to protect the kitchen or bathroom walls, commonly seen around the stove or sink areas. As the name suggests, backsplashes shield walls from any water damage or messes (and they make clean up way easier).

However, backsplashes are now seen more as a design element, something that homeowners can use to create personality and aesthetic in their kitchen. Here are three ways that you can make backsplashes and countertops work seamlessly together to create a stunning appearance:

  1.       The Material

Most countertops are made from granite, quartz, or marble. What’s fun about backsplashes as a design element in the kitchen is that you can change up the material. Some homeowners may make their backsplash from the same stone as their countertops to create a sleek look. With this option, you reap all the benefits of maintenance and durability of the countertop’s material.

Another choice is using tile for the backsplash. Popular tiles used for this job include glass, ceramic, and porcelain, although granite, marble, and metal are also options.

Lastly, you can opt for a stone backsplash. Whatever material you choose, they each come with their own pros and cons, which should be weighed before making your decision. For example, stones are naturally porous, so they’d need to be sealed in order to keep doing their job (or they start absorbing the water and “splashes”), but sealing is an easy job for a professional.

  1.       Textures and Colors

For kitchens and bathrooms using the tile or stone option, homeowners can get pretty creative visually by adding fun colors or interesting textures. Of course you want all the elements to work together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement!

Tiles come in a variety of cuts—such as diagonal and laser cut (put together quite like a jigsaw puzzle). The design options are also endless; think of hand-painted works of art or mosaic tiles. Backsplashes have become a focal point in the kitchen, and utilizing unique patterns, colors, and textures will definitely set your kitchen apart from the rest.

  1.       Length and Height

Another way to make the partnership between countertop and backsplash elaborate and stunning is to vary the length and height of the backsplash. Some homeowners may stick with a four-inch backsplash, others may place the backsplash strictly behind their stove and sink areas, while others may go full on and plaster the walls with it. Backsplash around the entire kitchen creates “visual continuity,” whereas placing it around certain areas highlights those parts of the room.  

If you need more inspiration or have questions on how you can marry the backsplashes and countertops in your life, contact MultiStone today. We’ve handled our fair share of backsplash-and-countertop partnerships and will use our expertise to help you make an informed decision on what will work best for your kitchen or bathroom.

Interested? Let’s Get Started

Are you building a new house or renovating your kitchen and want to learn more about your options for backsplashes and countertops? MultiStone has a wide number of styles and our countertop experts can help design and install the perfect backsplash and countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.

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