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Outdoor Countertop Ideas MultiStone Countertops

Our Top Outdoor Countertop Ideas

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people flock to the coast is because of the weather. The spring, summer, and fall are perfect for all things outdoors. (You may even get lucky on those occasional 70° winter days.)

With all of this time to spend outside under the sun, many people look for inspiration in updating their backyards to be more of an oasis for these beautiful days. When it comes to designing a picture-perfect outdoor space, you’ll want to think of not only the overall layout, but also the materials that go into creating the most usable, functional space possible.

Here are our top four outdoor countertop ideas!

  1.       Ultimate Grilling Station

For the BBQ masters in the family, there is no shortage of breath-taking grilling station ideas that will leave everyone with grilling envy. If you want to be the talk of your neighborhood this Fourth of July, then consider creating the ultimate grilling station. The best countertop material to use would be Dekon because it’s resistant to both fire/heat and freezing temperatures. It’s basically a fireproof material, which is what you want next to a grill.

  1.       Full Bar

Another way to use countertop outside of the home is by creating a bar area; this is an especially popular option for families that love to entertain. You can install a mini fridge for particular beverages and/or a wine cooler. You can have cabinets to store bartending supplies and glasses as well as drawers for other needed utensils. Although marble may look beautiful, because of its porous nature, it’s best to opt for a stone like granite.   

  1.       Stunning Outdoor Kitchen

You can really pull out all the stops when designing a full outdoor kitchen. Why stop with just a countertop when you can add in a table and cabinets, a fridge and sink, a pizza oven…you get the point. Since the kitchen will be a place for food prep as well as serving, look for countertop material that is conducive to food preparation, so ideally, something like what you have in your actual kitchen indoors. Granite and tile are great options. If you choose tile, make sure to hire a professional to install the countertop, as they’ll have to seal the grout the correct way and use tile that’s appropriate for your climate. Another great option is soapstone. This particular non-porous stone is heat-, stain-, acid-and bacteria-resistant, making it a very durable material.

  1.       Buffet Style

If your goal for an outdoor space is just for serving, then you can get a little more creative with your countertop material (although you still want to keep in mind your climate).

You can also use a countertop adjacent to a fire pit—a great spot to lay out all the s’mores material. Some families have also designed a bar and chairs within their pool! The options for outdoor countertop ideas are truly limitless. If you need a brainstorming session to think over your idea, then give our professionals a call today. They can help guide you towards the best material for whatever kind of outdoor space you’re dreaming of.

Interested? Let’s Get Started

Are you building a new house or renovating your kitchen and want to learn more about your options for backsplashes and countertops? MultiStone has a wide number of indoor and outdoor styles and our countertop experts can help design and install the perfect countertop for your outdoor area of choice.

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