To Our Valued Customers,

On behalf of our MultiStone teams, we trust that everyone is staying optimistic and hopeful in this time of uncertainty. We belief in the power of teamwork and belief that we will get through this pandemic together and stronger than before.

We are doing everything in our power to keep projects running smoothly and honoring expected time frames.

The safety and wellness of customers and employees are our number one priority and we have adopted practices from the CDC to aid in protecting our staff, customers, suppliers and visitors to our showrooms. Our employees have been advised to follow the safety protocol of regular handwashing, ongoing sanitation of surfaces and samples in the showroom, workstations, social distancing and stay at home if they don’t feel well. We are encouraging our employees and customers to use digital communication methods as much as possible. Our sales teams are equipped to assist with material selection processes by means of photography and detailed descriptions to reduce traffic into our showrooms and slab yards.

Currently all our facilities are open and maintain regular operating hours. However, we are only honoring a single client visit per showroom and request that appointments are made with the office/sales representative to follow this protocol.

We are monitoring the circumstances closely and will provide updates if any changes are made.

Please check our website for further updates.

We belief in the power of our communities to act together in hope during times of hardship.


Tace Matthee
CEO / Principle

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